Saturday, December 7, 2013

Thanks for taking interest!

Here are just some of the super nice things people had to say about my paintings at last night's art opening:

"That's going to make someone really happy." -Soldier in uniform I met on elevator when I was delivering my painting.

"I go to a lot of art shows and this is the most original I've seen in Toronto." -Filmmaker 

"You know gallery owners end up showing a lot of the same thing, so it's really rare and special to get to see something new." -Gallery Owner


  @ the Ben Navaee Gallery
     1107 Queen St. E. To, ON. M4M 1K7 416 999 1030
Featuring the latest in paintings by Lisa Ng, Habitual Behaviour presents animals caught in endless patterns of behaviour, behaviour of a particular kind. Company is very much appreciated, treat us to your sympathy?

Dec. 6 - Dec. 13
Opening Reception: Fri. Dec. 6, 7 - 9pm.

Hours: 1 - 5pm daily, or by appointment.

For more info visit:
Sponsored in part by Max db Art Consulting. 

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