Sunday, April 26, 2015

Portrait of Myself As a Young Artist

When I was in grade 3, we were all given paper and crayons to write a story and draw a picture. I did Little Red Riding Hood and because she picks flowers in the forest, I imagined them roses, so I added this floral border to my piece. My teacher flipped out and showed the rest of my class. Soon after all the kids in my class were adding borders to their master pieces. The same thing happened in grade 5, we were all given black paper and chalk to draw out the fireworks we saw over the previous long weekend. The other kids took to scribbling chalk and basically making a big powdered mess until I drew out my fireworks with pristine precision, just how I imagined them, patterned in the sky the night before. The teacher flipped out so much, he ordered more black paper and chalk and made our whole class do the project all over again, more in the style of my own, before putting it up on our classroom walls. I sort of felt bad about the whole thing because I didn't think all their ideas were garbage and I wasn't used to getting all the attention, but everyone seemed to agree, mine was better. Anyway, I asked the teacher to take down my second rendition and replace it with my original one because why should I have to do it again when I got it right the first time. So I was always coming up with great ideas and sharing them.

AW art show at crepe place no more.

An unexpected turn of events, but at least you know where to find me:

On the upside I have 5 paintings for auction at the Burlington Art Centre coming up in June, the Crocodile KNG is included:

Monday, April 13, 2015


Crepe & Co. European Cafe
1167 Queen St. W Toronto ON
on till May 7
organized by The Toronto ART Collective

I got 4 pieces in an art show. "In and Out," because you see different pieces from the outside of the cafe : ) I was there yesterday, ordered the Chocolate Marscopone, so good.