Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The last show at Artmichael's was such a
hit they are having another one.

The show ends at 9pm. Room 3.
Appearances by Pablo Jueves, John Barry,
Eddie Carmichael, Brent Loftus, Jon Guglioni,
Bradford Wilson, and Lisa Ng. Art Michael's is
a non-profit gallery. Donations will be accepted
at the door.

Those attending need to be legal drinking age
or older or accompanied by an adult ;)
Check the gallery's blackplanet site at:

Monday, March 24, 2008

40 centimeters of snow

Sometimes I have to wait for the stupid bus on a really,
really cold day and I get real bitter about it. I pretty much
feel like this shmuck here waiting for the bus in an ice cube.
The devil has creeped up into my paintings again because
hell has officially frozen over. It was really fun adding the
snow coming down. I think it looks about 40 centimeters
wouldn't you say?

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Art For The Heart

So I agreed to donate a painting to an art auction fundraiser
for Sunnybrook Hospital. All proceeds will go to their Heart
Center. The heart might even be more important than the
brain in my opinion. So this is the painting I chose, it also
convieniently depicts a succulent heart in it. My brother
said it would be inappropriate to which I replied with, "well
that's what makes it so funny."
Anyway, all info can be found at
If you have time to kill, go click on the art button to see
everybody's donation and art bios. There are some pretty
interesting people in there.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I finished the last of the cannibal series today with a bonus
sculpture with the help from my good friend Kristofir. He surprised
me one day after finishing a good meal of Dim Sum with a little
baggey of these rubbery, plastic human body parts. I suspect he
knew I had been working with images of body parts and thought I
would enjoy them. I did greatly. Thanks Kris!
My favorite is probably the tongue. It looks and feels the most

Monday, March 3, 2008

the afterlife

This painting came to me several months after my
grandmother passed away. At her funeral we burned a
cardboard dvd player so she could take it with her in her
afterlife. She use to watch a lot of Chinese soaps. I kept
trying to imagine what it looked like.
Here she is sitting on the couch she use to sit at
watching tv. Along with her is my late hamster,
Hammy, Bono the bonsai tree, a beloved Christmas tree
that was a gift, several gold fish, four pet turtles, and
my Chinese fighting fish that died jumping out of it's
bowl one day.