Sunday, March 9, 2008

Art For The Heart

So I agreed to donate a painting to an art auction fundraiser
for Sunnybrook Hospital. All proceeds will go to their Heart
Center. The heart might even be more important than the
brain in my opinion. So this is the painting I chose, it also
convieniently depicts a succulent heart in it. My brother
said it would be inappropriate to which I replied with, "well
that's what makes it so funny."
Anyway, all info can be found at
If you have time to kill, go click on the art button to see
everybody's donation and art bios. There are some pretty
interesting people in there.


Lisa Brown said...

This is so offensive.
Way to be heartless and distasteful.

GuysBuy said...

i thought it was tasty. i mean tasteful.

..lisa brown - if only our world was as literal as yours