Monday, July 12, 2010


As you may or may not be aware, I've become a part of the Spooky Astronaut's Drawing Club over the past few months. Anyway, I'm glad to say that I received my BIG PROMOTION over the weekend for all my hard work, and have now been promoted to a ROGUE LEADER: HEAD SPOOKY ASTRONAUT OF THE TORONTO CHAPTER. Here is the pEACE that I think really did it in:

Along with my new title, comes new responsibility. I have now opened my own space station here in Toronto, ON., and am now in charge of training two new recruits. I will perform my best and open my arms to a galaxy of challenge, responsiblity, and possibility.

Also, here is my Spooky Astronaut, Green Lantern Ring. I received it when I graduated from the Spooky Astronaut Space Training Program. It is to be worn on the right, middle finger:

To regularly keep up with the Spooky Astronauts, visit:

UNINSURED, UNREPAIRABLE damages found on 100th PAINTING today.

Probably my fault. Probably due to lack of space and inability to take good care of good things. It really bummed me out for a bit, like seeing something you really worked hard on go to shite, and then you wonder for a bit- why bother? I wanna see about getting some sort of bullet proof, steel case, with a lock on it for it.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Thoughts From The Road

Just got home from my first art tour. It went O. K., well I learned a lot. I kept expecting something terrible to happen, but nothing did, which was a very pleasant surprise (until I opened my suggestion box to discover some very unwelcoming comments). Well thanks to Mike and everyone who helped me to make my stay possible in Port Stanley, Ontario, and thanks to all who came bI to say some encouraging things. Top favorite things (in no particular order) include the people, the fish, the bridge that goes up and down coincidently located on Bridge St., the beach, the ice cream, the master sWEET I stayed in, the company, the house with the sandbox in front of it, and the black forest donut from Spicer's Bakery.

The Beach painting made its appearance in Beat Magazine this past weekend:

I wish I had more pictures of my trip, but forgot my camera at home in the midst of packing all my art. Here are a couple Mike took:

Me and Gnat in our guest home.

Me in the middle of my newest painting.

HEar are some comments I received in my Suggestion/GR8 Eyedea Four A Painting Box:

Yikes! This one was hard to stomach. My intention wasn't to make fun of people who live by the boardwalk at all. In fact, I love hanging out by my local boardwalk.

It's tough putting yourself out there...

Well at least somebody gets me.