Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Colour Scales

I opened the door in the new painting today and let some of the plants in. I wonder what this means! Here I am above painting my colour scales. I filled those in already so don't get too attached, it already looks different, better. This one's much smaller than previous, it's part of a series of Reptile Rooms. 12 x 12 x 1.5 inches, this one is of a green anole lizard. 

I had a pretty good day. I have been painting interspersed with breaks, giving my hands a chance to rest seems to give the carpal tunnel a break. I like to wake up early with the sun, maximize daylight painting time. I hit the paints early then take breaks throughout, going for a walk, groceries, errands, lunch, getting dinner ready, watch and or read an episode of this or that. Tomorrow is another paint day minus a 3 hour work meeting. My attention span runs about 50 minutes so we'll see how I cope, hopefully nobody takes it personally. Except for painting, painting I can go for a few hours without realizing days have passed, like fast forwarding into the future. I'll see you later.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

The New Big Raccoon Problem

Back in Toronto for awhile now and finished up my big raccoon painting here. It's 4 by 4 feet and takes up some space, details posted below. I'm pretty happy with it, I had to use teeny tiny paint brushes for the details and a lot of different shades and tones of a hunter green. It was tricky mixing all the colours while staying within a very tight range of the colour spectrum. Anyway my hands hurt now but it looks nice. No plans for it yet but I did put it up online for now here: 


In the meantime I stretched out some new canvas today and already know what I want to paint next. I don't have any outdoor art show plans in the city this summer but joined an artist consortium with the art gallery just outside of LA I showed at earlier, so more to come. Anyhow if you're reading this, you already know where to find me. 

RADIOACTIVE RACCOON 2.0 acrylic on canvas 4 x 4 feet 2018 $5000

Working large lets you cram in more detail and enriches the story.

My signature on the wine bottle and a hamburger, pretty much intact!

All the half eaten vegetables and food stuffs spilling out of the fridge, it was hard not to snack late at night while working on this painting!

Delightful little pink plaid kitchen towel there. I love how green and pink look so good together. I dulled the original magenta with some green so it wouldn't be too jarring next to all the greens. I like it, it's a settle pink pop, not too attention seeking but it's there for your eyes to dart on over., and that pork chop cooking in the oven with all the drippy splattering sauces, delectable! A gorgy feast for the eyes.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Day 18 VanDusen Botanical Garden Vancouver

Last full day of the trip, spent my time looking at interesting plants at the VanDusen Botanical Garden. It was a touch far from where we are, it took us an hour to get there. Two buses and a ride on the sky train.

A bush maze, I love these. Get scared about being lost and stuck in one though, I'm not great with directions but we went in and out OK.

Bee hives

Aboriginal medicinal plants!

Get ready for blooms, I love these colours. So pretty.

Well that about ends the interesting parts of our trip. We got home safe and sound minus that one bout wherein we got on the wrong plane home but we quickly found the correct one, just in time! Phew.

Day 17 Chinatown, Vancouver

Ugh my dark picture don't do it justice. Went to a take out dim sum place, so delicious! Service so fast! Prices so fair! Portions so large!

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, it was so pretty here.

Gas Town, boutiques, places to eat and construction.

Day 16 Wandering downtown & Vancouver Art Gallery

Met up with a buddy who showed me you can walk on these bridges. There's space for cars, bikes and pedestrians!

Vancouver Art Gallery, this use to be the entrance but now the entrance is on the side street, but I like the square it sits on. 

Takashi Murakami exhibit like walking through a Super Nintendo game!

The Gaybourhood, so pretty.

Down by the water there are palm trees here in Canada!

Really bright cross walks.

Day 15 Lynn Canyon, Grouse Mt., Miku, Myst

Family breakfast at Denny's then Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge

Weird tree thing.

Grouse Mountain, take the trolley up and there's snow at the top!

LUNCH Santa Fe Hot Dog, has guacamole and Brie, apple, spinach, fig sandwich, GOOD!

Grouse Mountain coming down.

Downtown for dinner, this is not a painting.

Miku Restaurant, so pretty.

Cool car

Still hungry, at Myst restaurant.