Monday, July 1, 2019

Dam(n)! There's A Beaver In The Pool

Beaver Dam In The Pool acrylic on canvas 48 x 48 x 1.6 inches 2019 $6500

Happy Canada Day! In celebration I finished and photographed my painting of a giant beaver in the pool! This painting took about three months, working on it every day about 20 hours a week. Part of my series featuring 10 different species of animals being themselves and adapting to different rooms that fill the house of my imagination. This here would be my number 6 and my general write up as featured on my and sites:

People in my life inspired this work. The way in which people are individualistic and adaptable to their environment, I find fascinating. I use this as a metaphor for the different characters I meet in my everyday life. Using a different room of a house in each painting, I am slowly building my dream home with a family of animals! Humanity, along with its encounter with the beauty of nature provided the imagery for this work. I hope viewers will feel delighted in how this particular character has successfully adapted to its particular environment of the indoor swimming pool. The beaver builds dams in lakes and rivers and this one can't help himself but build something similar out of pool toys and furniture! Beavers are busy and nocturnal for the most part. I paint what moves me, resiliency of the living spirit. These paintings are about how we just can't help but be our best when we our best selves, no matter the adversity, no matter the circumstance. Each painting comes with painted sides and requires no frame. Complete with hangy wire also it is ready for your enjoyment!

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Dinner With The Tiger Queen

Feeling the love and thank you Earl's Restaurant in Square One Mississauga, ON. for purchasing and displaying my print of the Tiger Queen painting here in your lovely newly renovated restaurant! Thank you to Collective Arts Brewing for informing me also. Now you can phone Earl's (905) 897-2925 and make reservations, "Dinner for 4 with the Tiger Queen?" πŸ…♕

This is the same restaurant and beer label that also hired me for their happy hour happening also, see previous post!

Live Painting Aftermath

Turtle Vase acrylic on canvas 48 x 48 x 1.5 inches 2019

Had a great time last Thursday at my live painting event, the happy hour happening at Earl's Restaurant in Square One, Mississauga, ON with Collective Arts Brewing. Thanks to everyone who came out, bought raffle tickets, said nice things, asked questions and requested photos with the artist (aw πŸ’š ). I don't know who ended up with the piece but would love to know and see pictures of it hanging. I know there were a lot of excited raffle ticket buyers hovering around the end there, anticipating if it would fit in their car and asking when the raffle would be drawn. Sorry I would have loved to have taken my time to meet everyone for chat and photos etc., but I was in a bit of a time crunch! Well I left out some art cards for people to take to contact me if they wanted to. We raised a little over a hundred dollars for Sick Kids Hospital too. 

A little about the piece, this was a bit of a departure from my regular work that has a hundred details in the foreground and background and takes forever. I had 2 hours to produce something from beginning to end that people could watch in the restaurant, this ended up being closer to 2.5 hours. Prior to arriving at the restaurant, it took 3 hours of prep work, 1 to brainstorm and draw the idea out, another to transfer the idea on canvas and finally another to premix the colours so that I would be all ready to go when I got to the restaurant. I chose a more simplistic background with slight textured embellishments and went with one strong concept to complete the picture. The most popular question was, "Where did you find the inspiration for this piece?" My best answer, sometimes I like to combine 2 things that make me happy. In this case a cute happy turtle with a vase of flowers to crawl around and spread joy and freshness to the world 🐒

Below is the work in progress:

My initial set up, all tidy and neat.

First half hour in, some of the shapes outlined.

Filling in the colours.

I could feel people starting to get excited and buying raffle tickets behind me by this point. 

Details from the finished piece, lighting got a little dark as I was 30 minutes over already and the lights had dimmed for their dinner hour.

Pretty happy with the textured petal which is a departure from my regular flat paint application that takes forever.

Cute little flowers I was able to execute quickly and a textured background too.

The shadows were my favourite part to paint and it took me awhile to decide where to sign it, but I did it.

Got a dragon roll out of it too, thanks!

The after math, I used flyers I get in my mail box as palette paper for economical reasons and all the rags I used from cleaning paint brushes and palette knives. Had to mix a few colours on the spot as I executed the piece, you never can plan for everything!

Available art cards to the interested public, they took quite a few and I am glad. Not everyone realized they were available for the taking though so unfortunately I missed a few. Next time maybe I should make a sign. Anyway people were so nice in that if there was only 1 left of a certain picture they would leave it just so that others could see it at least. I love my art fans, they are so lovely and considerate of others like that 🌼🌸

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Live Painting Event!

Greetings from the studio! 

Just wanted to say, Collective Arts Brewing has hired me to do a live painting event on Thursday, June 20 in Mississauga, ON at Earl's Restaurant (Square One Shopping Centre) for their happy hour patio party. It's going to be a 4 by 4 feet painting and with a brand new drawing mapped out, I get 2 hours to fill in the colours. I worked on it today and thought about posting it on here but thought maybe it be better as a surprise! Hint: Canadian Reptile. It's a public event so come watch me paint from start to finish and you can even buy raffle tickets to take home the finished piece.

In the meantime, I've been working away on my beaver, depicted behind me. The solid coats are in and I'm just working on the shadows and details now.

Hope to see you on my outing!

Live Painting Event During Happy Hour
Come watch me paint and test new beers by Collective Arts Brewing!
Thursday, June 20, 5 to 7pm
Earl's Restaurant, Square One Shopping Centre (100 City Centre Dr. Unit 1-101) Mississauga, ON L5B 2C9

Happy Belated (To Me)

Had another Birthday come and go, my time flies past. Here is this year's official Happy Birthday Statement to me. I'm most proud about using the lighting effects feature on Photoshop on this one. I find playing with it also informs my painting as well, just learning about what can be done with light, colour and contrasts. For those who don't know, in Photoshop: Filter > Render > Lighting Effects Life is magic.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Green Anole In The Sun


Wonderful news! My beer can featuring my Green Anole Painting is hitting the shelves next week (June, 2019) courtesy of Collective Arts Brewing! You’ll be able to find them in Wegmans and Wholefoods Stores in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Chicago, Illinois USA! Here is the link to my feature on the Collective Arts Brewing website:

ALSO the original painting will be featured at a group art show in Santa Monica, California USA along with 2 others shown below:
Spectrum Art Show
Opening Reception: June 15, 6-8pm
Closing Reception: July 6, 6-8pm
3009 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica CA USA 90405
Om Navon
bG Gallery


Thursday, May 23, 2019

The Spooky Astronauts Drawing Club

The Maze 2019

Did I mention? I'm also part of a drawing collective, our band is called The Spooky Astronauts Drawing Club. Founded in Spring 2010, originating from my hometown, Hamilton, ON. I like to think of these collective drawings as performative happenings within themselves because there’s no real goal in mind but to make something interesting and anything goes. A documentation of a collection of different minds that interacted with each other at one moment in time.

A group of us get together and do drawings in pencil and eraser. Sometimes we add to each other's work, sometimes we alter. A real collective conscious in the spirit of creation. There's an inker and a digital colourist and voila! Follow us on our Facebook page for more of our wacky adventures into space:

Click on each picture to see all the teeny tiny details. Inquire within for art posters. Enjoy!

The New House 2019 by The Spooky Astronauts Drawing Club

Pretty sure Jeff started the background here. I think all I did in this one was the worm and maybe a mouse, but I can't remember. I love the cute little snake on the left peeking out, who did that Jim Fitzgerald Jr.? I bet Jim did the furry ladder too. I like the holes on the ground bottom right. and of course the guy in his underpants on the roof with his head wiped away. How did that happen? Was he drawn that way or did someone else come along and do some erasing?! lol

Butt Lamp 2019 by The Spooky Astronauts Drawing Club

I’m pretty happy with the way I nuked this 1 with pink. The pink line on the back wall was a colouring mistake but I kept it because I thought it added to the composition quite well. I’m not sure how this came about as different people added to it at different times. It started out as an empty room with some furniture and slowly the creatures started to filter in bringing with them some curiosities. 

Hi Speed Transit 2019 by The Spooky Astronauts Drawing Club

Um this started with an empty subway, I think by Greg. I didn't feel like drawing anyone inside the subway so I drew everyone on the outside. I know Keegan did the subway ads and I have a feeling Jim did the lone hotdog but who knows. Don't know who slipped in the man on the floor and I can't remember if he came early or after but I guess it doesn't really matter.