Thursday, December 13, 2018

DOGGY UNDERWORLD Featured In A Collection

Oops, forget to mention my Doggy Underworld painting was featured in a curated collection at It's an honour because they have thousands of artworks to choose from.

Doggy Underworld 48 x 36 x 1.5 inches 2012 $1500

Doggy Door is how you enter, complete with doggy grim reaper.

I also made a YouTube video where I walk you through the painting: 

HOLIDAY SEASON General update.

Haven't done a general update on here in awhile. Um, things are well! Painting away as per usual. This year I'm sending post cards to those who have bought an original painting from me this year. GET. EXCITED. featuring The BIG Goose, I took these to the printer and designed and cut them myself. I got them printed on matte and thick cardboard too, even I'm impressed. If you want a card it's not too late! Paintings make great gifts.

You can purchase available paintings here:

As for now, I'm working on another large painting here of an indoor chameleon in orange. This is just a work in progress of the base coats, still got a ways to go. Painting still needs a few more coats of orange, shadows, scales and patterns. It is far from done, maybe in a month or 2.

Hm, as for now, thanks for reading! Feel free to comment and or question anything else you want to know about me and my work. 

I SOLD A PAINTING! Tiger Mom 1.0

I sold a painting, my Tiger Mom! This painting was inspired by my tiger mom. Piano lessons, extra math work, copying out the dictionary, you name it. Stressful at the time, I had a very short childhood before I jumped into the rat race but at the same time as an adult now, I'm really thankful for all I have accomplished thanks to my good work ethic! Who said artists are lazy?!??

Tiger Mom 1.0 acrylic on canvas 16 x 20 x 1.5 inches 2014 In private collection.

Here's me holding my sold painting for the last time. At first I was really glad to get rid of the painting as it kinda gives me the spooks, but looking back now I kinda miss her although ultimately I'm happy she's found a loving home, in the care of a mom as well!

Practice that piano! Do your maths! GET YOUR HOMEWORK DONE!!!!! Yikes!


I sold a painting a while back in the late summer of this year! Forgot to brag about it on here, oops. The collector found me on my etsy page! 

Polar Chair II acrylic on canvas 24 x 24 inches 2015 In private collection.

Here are some close up shots.

The fur was challenging to paint, the fire was super fun and easy though!

I'm going to miss this painting but am happy it found a loving home.

This painting has a polar opposite also!

Here's my etsy page in case you are interested:

Thursday, October 25, 2018

An Albino Squirrel Is Born!

Albino Squirrel acrylic on canvas 4 x 4 feet 2018 $5000

Finally I finished my painting!! Close ups below, please note, this painting took a long time.

Squirrel sits in a room floor to ceiling in cherry blossoms. 

In the back there's a collection of various knick knacks, here's a timbit depicted.

A statue of my alter ego Patricia Bueves and the earth in all her glory.

I added a careful shadow surrounding the squirrel to make my creature pop out.

Painted and repainted the white fur a few times using different tones. The white fur reflects the pink of the room just around the edges.

So cute and fluffy with a red pear.

My squirrel holds a golden walnut. I didn't use any iridescent paints this time to achieve the golden effect of the nut the squirrel's holding but opted for various tones of brown and yellow instead. I gave the fluffy fella a manicure as well!

Up close and personal, the whiskers used a brush with extra long bristles.

A turquoise necklace and a slice of cake.

The squirrel's feet, notice he white fur contains elements of blue, sienna, yellow and pink.

An air plant in a jug of air, painting glass is tricky!

My signature secretly painted into a tiny vase on the windowsill.

A sky for a window shade and more cherry blossoms outside the window.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Painter's Log 10/07/2018

Major break throughs today. This could be my most ambitious painting yet, it certainly feels that way but I guess every painting feels that way when you're always trying something new. Anyway I don't have much experience painting white fur, and having never taken any official painting classes, I was pretty much left in the dark on this one. To remedy the problem, I watched some videos online and looked at the work of some of my favourite painters and pretty much painted and repainted and mixed and matched techniques to the level I wanted them at. Finally, I don't think I've ever painted this many flowers on 1 painting before, and only to change my mind on the base colour half way through. Of course there were times I felt like giving up and throwing the whole thing out but soldiered on hope like I always do, and it came together today, as I was painting the shadows in. I love painting shadows, it's the true and final test to see if everything is going to gel together, and it did! The feeling of despair that comes with challenging oneself seems to have dissipated for now and succumbed to personal feelings of accomplishment and pride! Which is what you want really, in any painting. I still got some ways to go to get it to the level I want it at, the way I see it in my head, which is looking a lot like Robert Bateman on mushrooms, quite frankly.