Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Since deciding to strike, eye have turned down
three shows. Negotiaons with the universe have
begun. It has bin generating at least sum mild
attention: In the past 2.5 weeks eye have been
approached to submit pictures two a website that
aren't up yet, May B bee in a 3-6 minute film,
meat to further discuss a project for mass
production that hasn't happened yet, and I did one
interview, got called to do another one, then got
turned down by the same won, and have 2
prospects for doing 1 more.

It has also recently occurred to me that I might
need to make more specific goals. For instance, one
example might be health benefits, specifically for
eyewear. For how can I paint my pictures with my
i sight so blurry. Maybe I should consult my health
care provider, ore LensCrafters.

The strike also seems to be generating some
more very popular and interesting questions. I
shall answer them now:


Why the strike?
You can't get what you want unless you ask for it.

How much longer do you project the strike to last?
Undecided, but I have an inkling there will be
another vote in at least by two months.

How many people are voting?
Just me.

Are you still painting?
Of course.

Can you tell me about it?
It's four feet by three feet, a very warm one, to help
with the bitter cold.

Did you get screwed over recently?

Nothing out of the ordinary that I can recall.
Yet, generally all day every day because it's never going to
be worth more than when I'm dead.

Anyway, thanks four reading, asking, and all the support.