Monday, January 17, 2011


This shout out goes to:

This is a painting by Robert Farmer that I own. 14 and 35 are the ages video games are marketed towards. I also happen to be in between the ages of 14 and 35.

You can also see more at:
Mercury Espresso Bar
915 Queen St E nr Carlaw, Toronto.
Show runs to Feb 28, 2011.

and at:

I come across him from time to time. I'm a big fan.

Friday, January 7, 2011


This shout out goes to:


I think I first met Ryan in the hallway at school. (I use to sit on this old, crusty couch at OCAD when I was a hallway monitor there, actually a great place to meet some people.) Anyway, he bee making art long time too:

Sea more at:

Christmas Surprise!

Along with my awesome wrapped present..

with a bow from Anam and a ship with a flag on it from John...

is this fantastic card...

by Ryan Solski!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


................Keith Haring
..............May 4, 1958 - February 16, 1990

Received a terrific book awhile back, the journal of Keith Haring.

I throughly enjoyed it, it documents life and art through the eyes of Keith Haring, it also includes some very interesting tidbits about the people who took to him. Lots of stuff has been written about him already, so I am not going to bore you by doing a less than perfect job here. Anyway, here are some of my favorite parts:

In the words of Keith Haring, taken from his journal:
April 29, 1977: PITTSBURGH

This is a blue moment... it's blue because I'm confused, again; or should I say "still"? I don't know what I want or how to get it. I act like I know what I want, and I appear to be going after it-fast, but I don't when it comes down to it, even know. I guess it's because I'm afraid. Afraid I'm wrong. And I guess I'm afraid I'm wrong, because I constantly relate myself to other people, other experiences, other ideas, I should be looking at both in perspective, not comparing. I relate my life to an idea or an example that is some entirely different life. I should be relating it to my life only in the sense that each has good and bad facets. Each is separate. The only way the other attained enough merit, making it worthy of my admiration or long to copy it is by taking chances, taking it in its own way. It has grown with different situations and has discovered different heights of happiness and equal sorrows. If I always seek to pattern my life after another, mine is being wasted re-doing things for my own empty acceptance. But, if I live my life my way and only let the other [artists] influence me as a reference, a starting point I can build an even highter awareness instead of staying dormant. If I can take this and apply it, it will help, but again I am afraid. Afraid I'll just igrnore this whole revelation and remain in the rut and rationalize and call it human nature or some shit. But, I've been living like this for so long that it seems I'm doomed to continue. Although I realize it now, so that is encouraging. If I can do this, then it should not be hard to answer my questions and doubts about my forthcoming adventure. If I am all that is in question, then I should be able to answer all. Like past experience, there is always a certain magic that some call "Fate." Lately it hasn't been as evident, or perhaps I am just more ignorant of it, but I know that I'll end up somewhere for some reason or no reason, but with some answers or at least be a little clearer on why I am and what I am aiming to do or what I am gonna do or just "do." If this fate is negative, that isn't negative because that is what happend and that then was the fate. I only wish that I could have more confidence and try to forget all my silly preconceptions, misconceptions, and just live. Just live. Just. Live. Just live till I die.

Ocober 13, 1987: TOKYO

I was greeted at the door of the plane by a woman who was there to escort me through customs and make sure I was O.K. I was impressed. Someone on the plane must have alerted her that I was arriving and they considered me important enough to escort. That's Japan for you... I asked her if she was also the one who got to greet Michael Jackson a few weeks ago and she said she was. Now I'm really impressed.

February 1987

I was continually getting compared to Andy, but I don't know if it was for the right reasons. For me, it was an honor to be compared to him even though I feel we are very different and our contributions are different.
But I will always acknowledge my debt to him. The biggest honor was the support and endorsement he bestowed upon me. By mere association he showed his support. When we began to trade works we traded value for value, but quickly as we became friends we began to trade work for work (one for one instead of disproportionate amounts). I learned a lot of things from Andy in the five years we were friends. He prepared me for the "success" that happened to me while I knew him, and taught me the "responsiblity" of that success. He taught mostly by example, but would often offer ideas and suggestions, sometimes humorous and sometimes serious... Also, he was one of the only artists whose studio would inspire me to work more and work harder. Ironically, he was the one who convinced me to be more health-conscious and aware of my body. When I was at the Factory and he could do more push-ups than me, I knew it was time to start working out. He was always interested in everything I was doing and was totally plugged in to everything that was happening around him. He didn't however only, take; he gave as much as or more than he took...
He always added his support to a new idea or venture... He got jobs for me, he directed collectors to me and continually traded works...

March 28, 1987: On a plane from Dusseldorf to New York City

Spirits travel without limits. Andy is in me now. I knew before he died that he would never really die. He lives inside many people. He understood all of these things.
Most people never give him credit for this. He has an outward image of a manipulator, a "user" of people. In fact, the opposite is true-people used him and he let himself be used. He wanted to make things better for everyone else. He helped a lot of people to see themselves. He was not transparent, but maybe a mirror. Nobody can be responsible for other people's lives. Everyone ultmately charts their own course.