Friday, March 2, 2012

The Big Art Book Digital Anthology Launch Party

Guess whose work they decided to grace upon the cover:

Here's me accepting my Outstanding Artist Award:


Public speaking is scary:

Here's what eye said:
Hi my name is Lisa Ng. This is my painting titled, “Picasso’s Rose Period.”

When Picasso was twenty-five he had already completed his Rose Period. When I turned twenty-five I figured if I could take all the best parts of Picasso’s Rose period and combined them all into one painting, well I thought it could be really something great. This is exactly what I did here, and threw in a few elements of my own.

In doing so, I couldn’t help but to learn a lot about Fernande Olivier, a model and artist whom Picasso was lovers with for seven years during the time he was making his Rose Period. Rumor has it she was born out of wedlock and raised by an aunt. When her aunt tried to arrange a marriage for her, she fled, instead marrying another man who ended up abusing her. When she was nineteen she left this relationship and changed her name so her abusive husband could not find her. It is around this time she met Picasso, and modeled for him. She inspired Picasso, he painted over 60 portraits of her. When Picasso got famous, they parted ways. She then took odd jobs from a cashier at a butcher’s shop to a sales person at an antiques shop to support herself. She taught drawing as well. In her old age when she was suffering from arthritis and going deaf, she received a small pension from Picasso to not publish a memoir about their relationship together while they were both still alive.

I think mixing through all the shades of rose, fuchsia, salmon, raspberry, strawberry and pink; I must have stumbled upon another’s interpretation of a woman who played an important part of his growth and development, and now, mine.

One question I’ve been asked is, “Why the clowns?”

To this I discovered that:
Each one of us is a unique, fun-loving, and potential thriving individual, even if we don’t know it yet.

Art making for me is a discovery. It happens everyday, in the world, and in the mind.

Thanks again everyone for having me.
And for the BIG ART BOOK 2012 go here:

And oh look who else was selected as a juror's choice: Jeff Garrett, with the Spooky Astronauts Drawing Club, page 34 - 35