Sunday, February 22, 2009

General News

This is the first handtree I did. I did 30 of them
a few years ago. Anyway, I traded this journal
page for one of Ras John's.

Other side of the journal page...

Alphaman by Ras John.

This is a print by Christie Shinn of the Sleeping Giant
Gallery I put in my little coat gallery...

Neat huh. I like the whale. Speaking of whales. I may or
may not see them. I'm going to Costa Rica in five hours?
To escape the post art show blues. Thanks again by the way
for all who came by my show at AWOL...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cross Section Of My Bathroom Sink

Sorry I didn't post this sooner. This is a painting
I finished about a month ago. Anyway, it's
actually no longer available already, an honest soul with
fantastic taste just bought it from the Sleeping
Giant Gallery a week ago ;)