Saturday, January 16, 2010


Despite 7 years of dedication and modest success
in my last string of shows, I will like to announce
that I will be holding a creativity sharing strike. Do
to lack of funds, cost of rental space, cost of
transportation, lack of health benefits, comments
made on my blog that are trying to sell people Uggs
boots, the recession, etc. etc., I will be withdrawing
my art from the public arena for awhile. The strike,
however, will not affect production, but until
negotiations with the universe are sorted out, I
remain privately hoarding.


How long is the strike projected to go on for?

It is uncertain at this point.

Will this affect the sale of the $1 painting?

Perhaps, should the strike end sometime after
June, I will re-schedule the sale.

Will the price of the painting go up due to
interest and inflation?


I am feeling down and can't find anything good to
look at, what am I suppose to do now?

You can do a number of things:

1. Go look for another picture source.
2. Consult your local library.
3. Make your own.

I will update as the situation progresses during
this difficult time. Thanks for reeding.