Monday, September 5, 2011

An Old Picture Resurfaces

Nine years ago I sold a drawing of handtrees to a friend whom I knew from high school for 30 bux. She contacted me again recently and sent me these two pictures of the picture framed under glass in her new home. Isn't that nice! What a well preserved antique "Lisa Ng." I remembering being really surprised anyone bothered to get it framed at the time. A good lot of them are probably warped and slightly faded by now :( She's been waiting for me to get famous for a long time. She says it still makes her happy and still gets many compliments for it:

I had another picture I wanted to post on here sent to me by a happy couple. It was of Picasso's Blue Period resting in their home. I lost it though :(

I find these pictures in my email box sometimes. They make me happy because I know they make other people happy. I look at them from time to time when I'm feeling down, or lonely.

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