Sunday, May 7, 2017

Lisa Ng Art & Stuff May

Rosedale Art Fair 2017
Saturday June 10: 11am to 6pm
Sunday June 11: noon to 5pm
At the Green Space across from the LCBO @ 10 Scrivener Square, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Just outside the Summerhill Subway Station

Kensington Market Art Fair 2017
Sunday October 29: noon to 7pm
Kensington Market, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I was recently contacted and informed a drawing I did 15 years ago at the start of my career is up for charity auction (Anti-vivsection Society of BC) for their 90th anniversary! This is 1 of about 30 from my first series depicting hand trees. I ended up giving most of them away to friends and family but this particular one was bought promptly after conception. It also represents my 1st sale, a friend from high school bought it for $30 when we were both 18 and then she spent $100 framing it under glass, that was 14 years ago in 2003. It is probably the most well preserved one as the others were not framed. It is also from the same series of my first ever art show in Hamilton, Ontario at the Staircase Theatre in 2003. You can now see more as I added them to my website ( under "PAINTINGS." Scroll all the way down and there they are and you will have also scrolled through the 200 paintings I've painted since then. I was thrilled at the time but now I can't believe how far I've come, more details to follow.

Handtree ink on mango leaf paper 48 x 36 inches 2003

I was recently contacted by a gallery from Santa Monica, California, I have never been. Nothing exclusive or anything like that but it is a new relationship I am pursuing. There's been talk about a group show but it won't happen for a year so I have plenty of time to prepare. It's very new and I am excited and happy and nervous!


Family Portrait 48 x 36 x 1.5 inches acrylic on canvas 2017

My brother commissioned me to do a family portrait so I did us in Chinese zodiac animals. I'll have to take a better close up later. It's a surprise for my parents so please, keep it a secret!


Been out of the limelight a little bit -I got married!
Here's me pigging out on my wedding day back from September.

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