Sunday, April 16, 2017


Sorry it's been over a year since I last updated. I'm not very good at checking in but to be fair I've been so busy painting and with the odd sale online. I'll have to update in chunks and write in here more often. I'll just give you some of the highlights for now.

I updated my website, all my new paintings can be found here along with a complete catalog of my 200 something paintings:

I sold a large painting online called FURRY FERRARI from this website!:

Every four months someone buys a print of my FLAMINGOS IN THE BATHROOM painting that sold at the Burlington Art Auction:

I started a youtube channel, right now I'm working on a family portrait of my family in Chinese Zodiac Animals:

Here is my painting POLAR CHAIR featured in Spirituality & Health Magazine Nov/Dec Issue pg. 30. 75K copies:

I also got married in September, here is a painting I did around that time called FUR FIELD:

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