Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Self Portrait As A Horse

     A lot of people ask about the meaning behind this one, I guess it doesn't help that I don't enjoy talking about myself. It's equivalent to revealing a page of your diary to a total stranger, but I guess we're all friends anyhow. I did it in my third year of nursing school, that's me there as a horse, in a life jacket. It was about the same time when that big hurricane hit. I was feeling the pressure then, learning about all the different ways to care about the environment, the social structures we live in, and ultimately, about people. I'm keeping everything afloat there, that's water by my feet. There are pills speckled throughout and a syringe. A fire extinguisher to put out fires with (safety first), and a sheep in jail because many prisoners were forgotten about and not rescued from the flooding of the hurricane. I read a lot of textbooks which explains the books and the weight of the bricks on my back. A lot of pollution goes on that doesn't get advertised, hence the almost invisible smokestack. We talked a lot about GMOs, hence the giant pear and the three headed ostrich. Some people get treated like sheep, it's awful, but not so bad if we treat each other nicely. I wish I could explain it better, to which I thought I did, with a painting..

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