Monday, May 14, 2012

SADC to Roncesvalles, Toronto

     The Spooky Astronauts Drawing Club currently consists of thirty something members. Everyone draws. It originated from Hamilton, Ontario and has been in active space exploration since 2010. This will be their fourth solo show.

 The Spooky Astronauts Drawing Club:

The Founding Fathers:
President Jeff Garrett
Vice President Jim Fitzgerald
Lennycks"Dental Wires" Kennadee
Matt Mincoff

Hammerton Ontarion Crew: Ahren Liudas Karnas, Andrea Benjamin, Darlene MacNeil, Keegan Mccusker, Marc Andrew Allen, Mark Wilson, Matt D'Alvise, Mike W. Mr. K. Wild Mongoose, Mehtaab Samara, Justine Lanza-Kendrick, Bec Boulton, Brad Germain, Jenni Germain, Pat Bellamy (Be-Bop), Chad Scott (Rocksteady), Kat O'Hagan, Drew Taylor, Brian Fowlie, Alyssa Nicole, Kara Wilson, El Pablo Del Antico

Rogue Squadron (Toronto): Rogue Leader Lisa Ng Anam Ahmed, Bradford Wilson, Corinne Ton Nu, Ryan Solski, Thomas Jeferson, gNat Lai, John C. Barry, Lee Tiffany, Pablo Jueves, Matthew Brown, Gregory Hughes, Peter Kalyniuk, Ambassador Mike Brown, Patrick Fazari, Mahassen Farah, Sarah Campbell, Claudia Chemical Strawberry, Jeff Mihaly, Ben Lopes

Oshawa Crew: Red Leader Corey Chew Kyle Stacey, Allen Connor, Bobby Watkins, Nick Watkins

Here are some great shots of our Launch Off taken by Peter McCusker:

Astronauts on lunch:

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