Monday, November 28, 2011

Holiday Art Show & More

Flyer for the UpComing Holiday Art Show:

Was asked to submit some pictures to the following blog, you can comment on it too.:

Jumped on two oppourtunities to exhibit with the Scarbourgh Public Library Circuit. I hope it works out. I love public libraries. For the time being, I'm booked for:

HERE CuM THE CLOWNS!: Cliffcrest Library: Jan 31 - March 2012

SUMMER IN THE fUN: Agincourt Library May 29: - July 31, 2012

Will keep you posted if anything changes.

I've been working real hard on a new painting, made some really nice breakthroughs in patterning, learning just LOTS.

Recently, in my SPACEBOX, I received a song about The Spooky Astronauts Drawing Club. I was informed it was being played somewhere in the galaxy of Hamilton, ON., by a a fellow Astronaut, named Brad. I was trying to post it here, but can't figure out how. The opening lyric of the song describes a drawing I did 4-6 months ago with the Spooky Astronauts, if you happen to come across it:


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