Thursday, December 23, 2010

Spooky Astronaut Performance Appraisal 2010

Rogue Leader Toronto Chapter: Lisa Ng

Arrived to meetings more or less on time, except for that one time when I messed up the co-ordinates and got lost in space.

Continuing Competence:
Did astronaut work daily in at least some small form or other.

Refrained from stealing space bux from astronaut fund to get flyers and posters printed and astronaut ice cream instead.

Professional Knowledge:
Learned how to use a new coloring tool in Photoshop, the Gradient Tool. Select an area using the wand tool (W), select the gradient tool (G), select a point, hold it down and drag, let go.

Knowledge Application:
Used the gradient tool to color in backgrounds, animals, plants, weaponry, limbs, cigarettes and instruments a bunch of times.

Recruited over ten astronauts in the Toronto area.

Spoke on behalf of the club to inquiring art dealers, journalists, gallery owners, and fans.

Professional Relationships:
Thanked all astronauts for their hard work and kept my door open to answer any astronaut comments, questions, and concerns.

Strengths, Limitations, And How To Fix: Astronaut recruitment is at an all time high, but astronaut coloring is at an all time low. I could probably fix this by getting things inked sooner so more astronauts could have the option of coloring.

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