Tuesday, May 11, 2010


As I mentioned earliar, I am planning a $1 painting sale.

The idea came to me about a year ago: An 8 x 10 inch
painting depicting things you can buy for roughly a dollar.
I played around with the idea for a few months, production
began last October? I thought it was done in December, but
then a month later, I thought of more stuff to add to it,
and have been adding since. Recent additions include a
sprinkled donut, a condom, a Tim Horton's coffee, an
honorary hot dog, a piece of candy, and some dental floss
that spell out hello. Hear are the most recent pictures of it:

Sides of the painting:

Painting goes on sale at precisely 1pm on Sunday, June 6th,
2010, in Jimmie Simpson Park, which COINCIDENTLY also
happens to be during the Riverdale Artwalk where I will also
be exhibiting other new work. I am booth 55. First come first
serve, be prepared with a looney. Next 5 runner ups will
receive a free print of the $1 painting. Sale is for the
public, and not open to my immediate friends or family.
(Although if you happen to be immediate friend or family, you
can ask a friend or family member to stand in for you.)

Here is the info for the Riverdale Art Walk:

Sat. June 5 & Sun. 6, 2010
11am - 6pm
Jimmie Simpson Park
Along Queen E. from DVP to Leslie, East to Dundas


hEAR's what happened:

I now own the world's luckiest looney.


Marco Boerner said...

Liza!!!! Did you finally end your strike??? It was about time!!! : ) How are you doing??

Marco Boerner said...

Btw, of course there had to be a condom in the painting!! : ))

lisa ng said...
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lisa ng said...

Save sex is important. :)
Things are well, bEEsy. Lots of negotiation and creativity sharing to catch up on.