Thursday, December 10, 2009


Ay finally finished my $1 Painting. I came up with the
idea over half a year ago, but never got around 2 it, beeee
cause let's face it, it wasn't gonna pay me much. Then just
recently eye was thinking about how if I were to die
tommorrow, what was the won thing I would have
regretted not getting around to making:

An 8 x 10 inch painting jam packed with $1 items
(although most of these items are probably no longer $1).
Covered in layers of intrinsic value, it will be available four
for $1. Sale begins, I'm thinking sometime in June, probably
in a park somewhere, I'm hoping for a Sunday, at precisely
1pm. Sail is not open to friends ore family.

If your interested, keep checking my blog for updates
for exact date and location, I will post it as soon as I no.

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