Thursday, September 17, 2009

the great wall of achiEVEment

The other day eye found out eye 1 this ribbon from the
Academy Of Realist Art as part of the Junction Arts
Festival. It is printed inn full color, on a heavy
cardstock, hand cut, n meticulously put together.
I love handmade awards. It's nice to feel appreciated.

Eye will take this oppourtunity to say a few words:

Being an artist is both a blessing and a curse in that
you can't help but put yourself through some sort
of struggle to achieve something that gives you,
and often those around you, joy. Happiness can also
be such a rare and special thing that when you find it,
you might as well rearrange the rest of your life
a round it, bask in it.

A shout out goes to:

my parents, my brother, MaMa, Nat, my art boss: Ras
John Barry, friends who have helped me to haul stuff
around namely, Ann, Derek, Vanessa, ArtMichael
Gallery, AWOL Gallery the Sleeping Giant Gallery, the
good folk in Riverdale, teachers of various sorts, God,
Jesus, Buddha, Aphrodite, Santa Claus, Puff Daddy,
Wikipedia, and Pablo Jueves.

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