Monday, June 8, 2009


tHank Q friends who made me a birthday card. I hope
your goody bags were filled with both practical and
unpractical treats. Here are some both fun and creepy
Birthday cards I received:
coming a few days later from David Ng, I LOVE
the gold leaf:

from John Barry and the mysteriously renown Pablo

from Anam Ahmed. Terrific use of bubble wrap:

from Marco Boerner. who reassured me had used a model
and that the blood was fake:

from Sam B. EXCELLENT deetale:


Marco said...

You got some nice cards Liza! But which are the ones you consider creepy?? : )

lisa ng said...

Thanks for commenting marco! Mm- probably the one you gave me. I'm still deciding how I'm gonna put it up so that it's both presentable, but won't give me bad dreams at night.

Marco Boerner said...

Well, why don't you put it over your bed??? : )

Marco Boerner said...

LiZa!! I have the other pictures of 'your' birthday online! Have a look if you want:

: )

MFG Marco