Sunday, March 8, 2009


Hear R some O.K. PICS of me in costa rica:

This is the entrance way to a two hour hike to a waterfall.

This is me at the beginning of the trip. I'm all smiling and
happy here cause I have no idea how long and steep this
two hour hike actually is.

I finally got there. I actually thought of quitting and turning
back before we got there. If it weren't for my positive friend,
ANN, I don't think I would have made it. Glad I made it.

This is me in San Jose. Anyway I'm too lazy to scan and
upload all the pics so I'll just dish it out in a nutshell. Most
awesome moments include:

Partying with locals, hearing bob marley's " no woman no
cry" FOUR times: twice in a club, twice on acoustic guitar,
chillin' out by the bonfire, barfing on the bus ride there with
Ann, learning to surf at the beach, getting attacked by bugs,
seeing wild animals of various sorts including iguanas, trying
this weird sticky rice thing but instead of rice it was this salty
yellow bean paste thing, eating banana and bacon together, fishing
toilet paper out of toilets that don't flush toilet paper, hanging
out at the local bus stop trying to guess when the next bus is,
getting lost in the bad part of town without knowing it until
someone had to walk us to our hostel, going zip lining, and of
course, shitting my pants...

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