Thursday, September 11, 2008


Today was a kickass day because after I got off
work my # 1 patron took me out for
dumplings. MMMMMMMMMmmmmm.
One beef I have about my own blog is that
although there is a lot of art on it, there's not as
much STUFF which is confusing because it's titled,
"art AND STUFF." So here's some stuff I dug up:
I've been reading this book my brother lent
me on the history of color. It's about where
color's come from, before people could go
and walk out to the local art store to buy them.
Ultramarine blue is dug up from stones from
Afghanistan, and ochre is from the rocky cliffs
of Australia. It also tells the stories of people
who have gone through great lengths of
preserverance and scandoulous times JUST to
get their grubby hands on a particular color
and everything that it represents.

Like Red:
Red comes from these beetle-like bugs
called cochineals. Although my favorite
color often changes, my first true love was
the red of raw beef and my love for it will
forever remain unchanged. Because all my
love for the other colors stem from the first.

This is my beloved book:


Also I found this pretty spider web on my kitchen
sill a couple days ago. It's beeautiful:

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